Important Info for Junior Families

Some important points about the season:

Yes, this is always a challenge…. Please be patient as Football South West work through it.
You can find the draw in a few places:

  • If you have a smartphone, you can use either the Fox Sports Pulse app, or the Game Day Sports TG app. Please make sure you look at the 2017 fixtures (the 2016 ones are still up there for some reason).
  • If you need to look via  website, you can go to the Football South West Queensland website and look under Fixtures/Results. The link is

The latest Football South West calendar we have is not correct for miniroos (start date is 25/3/2017 now, not 18/3/17) and it hasn’t been confirmed if our finish date stays the same – however it is correct for everyone else.  I have included it here so you can see what weekends we don’t play etc. so you can plan ahead as needed.
2017 Calendar

Field Map
Here is a map of our fields – both top and bottom fields will be in use.
Fields 1 and 2 are full-size and used by U12 – U16
Fields 3 and 4 are used by U10 and U11
Fields 5 and 6 are used by U8 and U9
Fields 7 – 10 are used by U6 and U7

You should be training where you play (as per the field map above). The training schedule will be sent to all competitive junior coaches once it is finalised. This really only impacts Field 1 as it suffers from the most congestion.

Field Set-Up and Pack Up
If you are the first teams of the day to play, then you will be needed to help set-up.  First games are at 8.30am up the top and 9am down the bottom.  Set up up the top starts at 7.30am. Your coaches will let you know when you’re needed to help.
If you are the last game of the day, please help by taking equipment up to the sheds. This only takes 5 minutes. 🙂
Down the bottom, U10 and U11 will finish using Fields 3 and 4 around midday or 1pm, then we usually need to set up Field 2.  Ground officials will be organising this, but again, your assistance is appreciated if you are the last U10 and U11 teams to play as the changeover time is often quite short, and even moreso if games have run late.

Canteen Roster
As communicated previously, each family can be expected to be rostered on canteen once for the season. This roster will be coming out very shortly – and we thank those of you who we have called on already for assistance for our first competitive junior games. The roster will be posted on our website, emailed to you all, and reminders will be put on Facebook. If you can’t make your shift, it is your responsibility to swap with someone else and advise Emily who is managing this whole process. All details will be provided when we issue the roster.

Playing Shirts
It is really important your team’s playing shirts stay together.  The club is very happy for coaches/managers to assign a shirt number to the girls in your team and these girls are permitted to take their shirts with them, wear them to each game for obvious reasons – but all other playing shirts need to be kept in the strip bag. Mangers will organise a washing roster after every game, and your strip bag full of clean shirts should be returned to coaches at training if you were on washing after your game. If this isn’t clear, please get in touch.

Playing Shorts
We expect to be restocked by the end of next week. Once the order is in, we’ll let you know when you can collect/purchase. In the meantime, for any new competitive juniors who still don’t have shorts, we can likely loan you some old ones if we have your size – please just come up to the canteen and ask. Or someone in your team likely has a pair they can loan you.

Please note: juniors wear yellow socks, not green!

Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions, please shout.