Media and Use of Images

At Highfields FC we recognise the need to ensure the welfare and privacy of all people involved in our activities. As part of our commitment, we  require a Media Consent Form to be completed for all junior players prior to use of photographs, video or other images on the Highfields FC website or in other media controlled by the Club.

Taking photographs of players, using our website to publicise Club activities, and the recording of events, games, training and coaching sessions are normal daily activities within Highfields FC, as they are within clubs all over the country.  It’s important that the Club can use such images to do justice to the array of sporting activities that take place under its domain but also the social and community spirit that is the hallmark of these activities.

We will take steps to ensure images are used for the purpose they are intended, which is the promotion and celebration of the activities of the club.  If you become aware that images are being used inappropriately you should inform the President and Secretary immediately.

Club coaches, mentors and designated volunteers are permitted to use photographic and video equipment as a legitimate coaching aid and as a means of communicating club activities and special events.  However, care should be taken in the dissemination, storage and use of such material. Otherwise, parents and spectators who wish to take photographs or make recordings should first seek permission from the Club.

When used on our website, in our newsletter, or other club communications channels, all photographs and recordings should focus on the activity rather than a particular person. No personal details relating to a young person should be revealed as accompanying materials to the photograph or recorded image.

All people featured in recordings should be appropriately dressed.

Where group and team photographs are taken, a player’s name should not be used to identify that player in the photograph.

It is recognised that on certain occasions individual young people may receive recognition and may be presented with an award.  When this happens in the case of a junior player, certain levels of sensitivity and commonsense are required and a balance should be drawn between the publication of a photograph of an individual, who may or may not be named, and the safety aspects of publication.

If at any time the parent or carer of a junior player wishes data to be removed from our website, please inform the Secretary.