Social Media

Football Qld acknowledges the emergence of new technology and communication mediums (social media), and wishes to enable such mediums to be used to benefit football and its participants, and to applaud achievements. However, participants within football need to be mindful of the possibility of social media being used inappropriately. Inappropriate use may occur unintentionally or when participants do not realise that their comments, once published, are in a public forum and are difficult to retract.

Social media platforms include:

– Social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.
– Micro-blogging sites, such as Twitter.
– Weblogs, including personal blogs or blogs hosted by traditional media publication.
– Forums and discussion boards, including those operated by Fox Sports or The World Game.
– Online encyclopaedias, such as Wikipedia.
– Any other website that allow individual users or companies to use simple publishing tools.

Other cautions Football Qld  recommends are:

– Do not include personal information of yourself or others in social media channels.
– Do not use offensive, provocative or hateful language in social media channels.
– Use your best judgment – do not publish something that make you the slightest bit uncomfortable, and never write/ publish if you are feeling emotional or upset (or are intoxicated).
– Always ask for a person‟s permission before posting their picture on social media platform.
– Never comment on rumours, do not deny or affirm them or speculate about rumours in social media channels.
– Always use social media/ network forums to add value and promote football in a positive way.

Any inquires regarding Social Media can be directed to our Media Coordinator Susan Jones at